Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Favorite British TV Shows

I love British TV. Their shows are humorous and funny! I started watching British TV back in the 90's thanks to PBS and A&E. Now I can Netflix most any that I want to watch. It's great. It also helps that my boss is from the UK and tells me which shows to watch!!! LOL If you haven't tried a British Comedy you should. You might like them.

Here are few of my favorites:

As Time Goes By - With Judi Dench and Geoffrey Palmer:

All of the seasons for As Time Goes By are available in the US. This is a regular show on the PBS Saturday British TV lineup.

Midsomer Murders - with John Nettles:

Only seasons up to 2009 are available on DVD in the US. PBS does show it sometimes. The main actor, John Nettles, has left the show but it's still being made. I'm waiting for the 2010 season to come out on DVD.

New Tricks:

Season 1-4 are available on DVD in the US. This is another one that PBS shows occasionally. They are still making the show in the UK so now I have to wait for Season 5 to come on DVD!

Law & Order UK:

This is just a new series I started watching. Not sure if the DVD is available in the US. It's on BBC America. Be careful though the judges and lawyers wear wigs!!

Are You Being Served?:

Another PBS regular. DVD's are available. One of the first we started watching. Are you free???

Lovejoy - with Ian McShane:

I started watching this on A&E back in the 90's. I think all the shows seasons are available on DVD. Not sure if it's shown on TV anywhere in the US.

Jam & Jerusalem:

This is my favorite British TV Comedy. It's wonderfully funny! They only made three seasons but to me it's the best three seasons of tv ever made (well except for I Love Lucy!)

Here are a few video samples to wet your appetite!!


The Shows Theme:

Jonathan Creek:

This one is my newest shows to watch. I just finished Season 3 and I like it so far!!

Check out the Internet Movie Database for more shows!

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