Thursday, February 02, 2006

New to the internet

Welcome to my blog! This is my part of the internet to share with you some of my thoughts and things I collect or have made! Let me know what you think and maybe you can start your own blog!

I chose the name "A Mother's Minutes" because that is what my son named them. When he was little and would call for me and I would tell him "I'll be there in a minute." Well one day when he was older he asked "Is that a Mother's minute?". Because my minutes where usually 10 minutes. So it has been a joke around our house since then.

I also have a place to share my photos, scrapbook pages, collages, and altered books. Check it out at
I hope you like what you see and find something interesting.

Check back often. I hope to be able to update the page at least once a week.


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