Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Things have been changing at our house. Sara has a new apartment and is on her own for the first time. She is very happy and excited and we are excited for her but I miss her. Change isn't easy but we learn to live with it. Today, Pepper went to live with her. I'm glad because it will be company for Sara until Aaron gets home. We changed rooms around in the house and now Lori has the big room that was Sara's and I get the little room for a craft room. Right now I'm doing a 1000 piece puzzle. That will keep me busy for a little bit. I haven't posted in the new year because we have just been too busy with moving Sara. But now that is done and I seem to have a little more free time so I'll get busy. Ann

Sara on the phone a few years ago!

Pepper wishing she could be outside!


Debbie V. said...

I'm not sure who is who...but those are both great pictures.
I hope I can post on our GladysFriends list this weekend. I've had a very good week.

Maggie Ann said...

Change is hard, I know from experience. Our twins both went off to collage in another state at the same time. Enjoy that new craft room! I love mine and its always chaos in there...=).