Monday, February 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Sara!

Twenty-two years ago today our daughter Sara was born at 11:21 pm. The day started with snow. Lots of snow!! It was cold too! I always say God knew I needed some STYLE in my life and he gave me Sara. She has the greatest style in clothes and home furnishing. I needed that. Sara's a lovely daughter, a great sister and niece and a good friend. She's always there when someone needs her or has a problem. She's going to have her own little baby come July. We can't wait! Jappy Birthday Sara! We love you!

Sara & Aaron - 2007

Sara and her Dad - 2006

Sara and me - 2005

Sara & Lori - 2006

Sara and John - 1987

Sara & John - 1999?

Graduation picture

1 year old!

3 years old - 1989

Sara & John - 2006


Jocelyn said...

Happy Birthday, Sara! :)
I'm inviting you to join my new mom blog directory. I have contests for fab purses and giveaways. Check it out when you got a minute. Thanks! :)

Maggie Ann said...

How wonderful...and I've enjoyed your pictures so much! She looks like a sweetheart and I know she is!