Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Flight 93 Memorial - Shanksville, PA - September 13, 2009

Take a trip with me to the memorial for the heroes of Flight 93.

Looking at on the hills of Somerset County, PA

The road leading to "the field" and the memorial.

Looking at the memorial from the opposite end of the road.

Scared ground. The American flag marks the final resting place of Flight 93.

An angel for each of the passengers of Flight 93.

These benches look toward the field.

Flags at the memorial.

The wall of memorabilia.......

More memorials left behind.

A hat left as a memorial.

We felt we needed to leave something behind. We left a small Bible - The Invitation.

The hubby......

If you live close enough to visit the memorial please do so. You will be glad you did. For more photos please visit the hubby at Camera Totin' Idiot.

9/11 - Never Forget!


connie said...

Thanks for sharing that Ann, that's a wonderful tribute. I don't live close enough to visit but I wish that I did.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Laurie and Chris said...

Oh my I bet that was really neat to see in person.

Andy and Ana said...

Ann & Family, Love your site. As a Native New Yorker...New Englander by choice and now in N.Calif...looking to move to New Mexico Christian childrens home area. I truly appreciate your lovely site of 911. Your precious grandson has your dad's eye...oh, mi papa...love the retro pix. Gotta go check your hubby's photo-blog :) and immerse myself in your collages...I even go back to the old one...love In Christ, ana:)

Maggie Ann said...

Hi Ann, how have you been? I've not been blogging very regularly but am trying to do better..smile.