Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Favorite Photo

I've been tagged by my hubby, The Camera Totin Idiot, to pick my favorite photo for a new meme! Fun Fun

But how do you pick a favorite photo when you take hundreds of photos a month? Should you pick a favorite picture of the cutest grandchild, or a picture of your adorable children when they were little? No, I decided I show those pictures all the time and thought I would go with a picture I took a few years ago on a windy day in Garrett County, MD.

Here's my pick:

These horses were in out in the field along the country road we were driving along. We stopped and they were interested in us and moved over to the fence. This is a favorite picture because the scene only took place for a few seconds before the horses moved away from each other and went back up the hill away from the fence. It was a lucky shot and one of my favorites. It's also a favorite cause the Camera Totin Idiot was standing next to me and didn't get the picture! It's a friendly competition but nevertheless a competition!