Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Another favorite Christmas movie!

Here is my current movie I'm watching. This is a great Christmas movie and on my list of favorites. We've been watching this at bedtime and takes us about 4 days to watch the entire thing. Ann


Maggie Ann said...

I'll have to look for looks good. The title sounds a book I once read & liked. About the fence hubby removed a fence from our driveway...about 8 ft. He got the wood from a sawmill originally and built the fence himself. The fenceposts are about 1" thick. You could get somthing similar at your home depot I think. Just so it is thick enough to stand up by itself. could have your hubby cut up some plywood and after you are done collaging...drill 2 holes for a wire to hang it up. Sound good? smile. Happy crafting to you!

Maggie Ann said...

Ann, There really wouldn't be any 'before' picture of the fence posts. Just plain white painted posts with the paint peeling off, scrubbed the best I could do and sanded somewhat. YOu could give new wood a coat of cream or white acrylic and sand the edges a bit and have a similar effect.