Saturday, February 10, 2007

My New Candle/Lamp

My new candle/lamp! Over the Christmas Holiday I won a gift certificate over to a local boutique. This is what I used the certificate for. Isn't it pretty? It is electric and has a place for 2 votive candles. You don't light the candles. The heat from the lamp melts the candles and they release their aroma. I'm using 2 apple candles today and they smell so nice. I've included a picture of what it looks like with the lights off. Makes a nice nightlight! Ann

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Maggie Ann said...

Ann, that is beautiful!!! What fun to have won the gift certificate. Glad you enjoyed the story..those old magazines are chock full of old-fashioned stories and articles. I ask myself....why am I not reading them ?? ~~What super fantastic news that you are able to access your blog now to post..I'm glad for you. Its got to be a huge relief!~~ I'm off to see your Valentines. Have a blessed Sunday, and stay cozy...=)