Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Leonard Warnick Johnson - Oct. 17, 1915 to June 10, 1991

Today is the 18th anniversary of my Dad's passing.

I'm reposting this tribute I did in 2007. Thanks to those who posted their thoughts back in 2007.

In remembrance of Dad here are a few precious photos and memories.


Of course to my sister, my brother, and myself he was the best Dad! He was always there for you when you needed him and never let his family down. If you needed a few dollars before pay day, call Dad. He always had a few in his pocket for you. If you needed a ride when you car was broke down, call Dad. When I had my youngest dauthter, Lori, in August of 1990 and had the baby blues, he would come and take us both for a ride and buy us lunch. He always found someplace nice for us to eat lunch such as the park. I never told him how much he helped me. Here are few pictures of me with my Dad!




He was always fun when we were kids. Whether it was making homemade ice cream, building us a skating rink in the back yard, or listening to our music with us, he made childhood fun! He never had much money but he made up for it by just being our Dad. We love you and miss you everyday!




I'm sure he is smiling down from heaven at his beautiful grandchildren.

Christian, John, Josh, Sara, Amanda, & Lori (1991)

He was the best Pap Pap a kid could have. He always had a dollar for the kiddy rides at the mall. In his later years, he ate lunch at the GC Murphy lunch counter everyday and if we showed up he would always buy us a milkshake. He never worried that they came to play at his house and built a fort in the living room or put the race track down the steps so they could race their matchbox cars! There was always something good to eat at Pap's and many a time you would find one of the kids on his lap enjoying a bowl of cereal or ice cream!

He didn't have many years to share with his grandchildren until he went to heaven but I know he left behind many precious memories.

He was also a good son and brother. He came from a large family of 11 and grow up during the depression.


He played baseball when he was young and was known as "Slugger".


He only went to school until 8th grade and then worked at the local paper mill until joining the Army in 1940. He was stationed in the Aleutian Islands during WW2 as a dockhand and cook.


His first marriage ended after WW2 when his then wife left him and he lived with his mother and took care of her until he married my Mom in January 1953.



My sister Reta was born in 1954, my brother Tom in 1956, and me in 1959. He worked for most of his years at Kelly Springfield Tire Company. He retired in 1978. Unfortnately my mom, whom he called Dolly, died in 1980 and wasn't here to enjoy retirement with him. He then took up a new passion, Rope Making.


He attended craft shows as a demonstrator of old fashioned rope making. There were always lots of people ready to watch his demonstration.

He passed away on June 10, 1991 after a courageous battle with heart diesase and diabetes. We are all the richer for knowing him and wait patiently until the time we will see him again in heaven.

Here are a few more photos of our Dad.




Anonymous said...

Thank you Ann. I loved it.

Anonymous said...

What an incredibly touching tribute. I'm trying to hold back tears for a man I didn't even know - but wish I had! What a remarkable blessing of a man he sounds like. I'm so glad he was your dad and pap pap. No wonder you are so special!

Debra said...

Ann--that was one of the nicest tributes I've ever read...Thanks so much for sharing your dad with us! What a blessing he was and I'm glad you have such fond memories of him. All the photos were so nice, too... Again, thanks for sharing! Blessings, Debra

happybunny said...

What a beautiful personal dedication to your dad. It was really touching to read it and the photos are lovely memories for you. sadly I lost my own dad in July this year and it is taking a while to adjust to it. Often it seems like he hasnt gone at all and then you are brought back to life with a jolt. Like you I look forward to the day when I too can see him again and pick up where we left off. God bless you.

Maggie Ann said...

What a wonderful tribute to your Father!!!! The love shows through in this post over and over.

Anonymous said...

I stumbled across this looking for something else and I lingered and read.
you writing and recollection is beautiful and I hope my kids remember me as well as you did for you dad.
He sounded like a fine good honest decent man.
Hope all is well