Saturday, June 06, 2009

Remembering those who served on this Day of Days - June 6, 1944

I'm reposting from last year my post on D-Day June 6th.

Remember those who served.

Here's a sad article.

"They are leaving us every day now, the men and women of these war years; soon we, their children, will be alone in the world they saved for us" Bob Greene - Our Finest Hour

Here's a clip from the HBO show Band of Brothers. The language is a little rough but I'm sure we can all understand these men were facing life and death. The clip is from part 1. The date is June 5, 1944. Easy Company led by Lt. Richard Winters will soon be taking part in history as they jump behind enemy lines. It always astounds me how much gear the men had to carry.

The most moving part to me is when Lt. Winters tells his men "God bless you" and then helps each man off the ground into a standing position. As he does this he looks each of them right in the eye. He knows he won't see some of them alive again. It gives me chills. The depiction of the planes taking off is also moving. It brings the whole event to life. Then at the end of the clip Lt. Winters sits in the doorway of the plane and looks out on all the planes and ships that are taking part in this day of days.

Thank you to all the veterans past and present who have fought for our country so we can enjoy the freedoms we have today.

Ronald Reagan 40th Anniversary of D-Day Speech
June 6, 1984 - Pointe du Hoc, France

"If you were to have asked him - which I don't think we ever did - what was the best accomplishment of his lifetime, I am quite certain he would have said, without hesitation: serving in the United States Army in the greatest conflict in the history of man." Bob Greene - Our Finest Hour

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