Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A confession from me!

I have a confession to make. I was a Bay City Roller fan in the 70's when I was 16! Do you still like me?

Yes,I said The Bay City Rollers! Leslie, Eric, Woody, Alan, & Derek! If you've never heard of them, didn't like them, or are too young to remember them please don't laugh. They were five lads from Scotland who dressed in tartan and wore baggy short pants and according to most people they couldn't sing a bit. I loved them anyways. They were young and cute and their music was fun!

Eric was my favorite!

I still have all their albums and lately I've been reminiscing and watching them on You Tube. So go back in time with me to the 70's and a young girl who wasn't part of the "in" crowd who found her fun in music that wasn't quite hip but she didn't care.

Their first release, S A T U R D A Y N I G H T

One of my favorite songs was Rock n Roller!

How cool is it that I work for a company from Scotland!!! Who would have thought of that in 1976 or 1977!

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Devoted Mama said...

I remember this song!! I was born in 1969 but I still remember it ;) Great memories :)