Sunday, January 06, 2008

Victoria Magazine

Yesterday was hair day! I got mine trimmed and colored and Sara got hers cut. While waiting for my turn, I read a January 1994 copy of Victoria Magazine. I've seen others on the Internet mention the magazine but I'd never read a copy. I'm hooked. I brought the magazine home so I could share an article with Paul and I thought I would share one with you.

Promises to Keep - Deep in the Heart of Texas - A Welcome Home by Kim Walker

The article is about Carol Bolton. She owns a shop in Fredericksburg, Texas and "reminds us to use our heirlooms lavishly and imaginatively." I love it!

In the photo above "grouping pretty solo pieces by color creates family

"Eye Candy" is what Carol calls items on the shelves of a hutch, on the walls, or framing a window.

I love this little quote from Carol:

"If you love it bring it out!" I'm going to remember that in 2008! Why buy a certain item because you like it and then put it away in a box.

Bring it out and enjoy it.


Sharon said...

Thank you for sharing that article. I love vintage things and have many old family things out. Of course they don't look nearly as pretty as those in the magazine.

Sandy Carlson said...

Ann, Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment on the Japanese saucer. My Gram enjoyed everything that came her way. This is what makes this little piece so much fun for me. I like this post very much. It's a great reminder that life isn't lived in a box in the attic but in the house! I feel these days that it's better to enjoy stuff and risk damaging it than to put it by. Your beautiful post underscores that point.

Maggie Ann said...

Oh yes, thats a wonderful magazine! Happy New Year to you Ann. I haven't been online much..its been so busy here...but a good busy. I enjoyed your post.