Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Bloomin' Tuesday

Happy Bloomin' Tuesday!

I took my camera with me on my walk to work this morning. I found this little rose trying to bloom. This photo was taken at 8:50 am this morning.

Here is the rose this afternoon. I took these photos at 5:10 pm. The sun is shining so pretty on the flower.

This was taking on Macro. I'll keep watching the little rose and see what it looks like for next weeks Bloomin' Tuesday.

I also pass this backyard everyday on my walk to work too. Mrs. Lashley lives here. She is so very nice. She has a dog named Penny who greats me most everyday!
This is her backyard this morning. Aren't her flowers lovely?

Here's the view this afternoon with the afternoon sun behind me.

Here's a close up picture.

This afternoon she had some tomatoes sitting out getting some sun. Do you know how to say Yummy!

I've had some many compliments on my Morning Glories I thought I would include a few more today. These are on the fence in the front of our house.

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I'm off to Dulles Internationl Airport in Washington DC tomorrow. I'm taking the bosses, Mr. and Mrs. Macdonald to the airport for their flight home! I've enjoyed their visit. They would like to stay longer. It's colder and dreary in Scotland right now and they are enjoying our warm weather here!


Carla said...

What pretty geraniums! You neighbor has a colorful display! Your rose bud is exciting! And morning glories-I love morning glories! Thank you for sharing!

Sweetie said...

Such a lovely walk to work. I love each flower but the morning glories and rose are my favorites.

Laurie and Chris said...

You sure do have a nice walk to work. Your Morning glory is very pretty. I love the color.

Jean said...

I'm glad you pass some flowers on your way to work! Can't wait to see what the rose looks like next week. Thanks for the walk! Jean

Anne Fannie said...

Hi Ann
Mrs Lashley has pretty flowers! Your morning glories are very pretty and I can't wait to next week to see how that sweet little rose has grown!
Love, Ann

connie said...

What a beautiful view on your walk to work! Such pretty flowers! And, I do ♥ your morning glorys~such pretty, vivid color! I need to get some for our yard ;)

Hope you're having a great week :)

Suzy said...

As all the others have said...you have such beautiful things to see on your walk to work!