Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sunday drive to Shanksville PA

On Saturday night I watched the tv airing of Flight 93. I was moved to tears. I've watched many shows and movies about 9/11 over the past 7 years and they all move me more then I can write here. Sunday morning we woke up late and with the movie fresh in my mind, I suggested to hubby that we drive up to Shanksville to visit the Flight 93 crash site. The site is about 45 minutes from where we live here in Maryland. (I said 30 minutes in a previous post but hubby says it is a little further).

If you have never visited the site I can recommend that you do. Make sure you have directions or ask for directions when you are in the area. We are familier with the area and still have to make sure where we are going. There are lots of backroads that you travel on and it can get confusing. They do need to make more and bigger signs to show people the way. The new memorial will be dedicated next year with plans to open on the 10th anniversary for the crash. For those of you who can't visit let me take you there.

From the parking lot this is what you see. A field with trees in the background.

With the camera on zoom you can see the American flag. The area from the flag to the tree line is the crash site. This area is considered sacred ground and is only open to family members.

The parking lot being used now used to be where the memorial was located.

People visiting the memorial wrote their thoughts and rememberences on the railing.

Across the rode is the Temporary Memorial.

Just when we arrived a voluteer started a presentation about the events of September 11, 2001.

Several motorcycle riders visited the site while we were there. There are several annual rides that originate here, visit the Pentagon, and then end in NYC.

The benches used at the site have the names of all the heros of Flight 93.

Scenes from the memorial.

Several miles away from the crash site a small church has been made into a Memorial Chapel.

Inside the chapel.

The Memorial Garden located next to the Chapel.

This is dedicated by United airlines to the flight crew.

Never Forget!


Laurie and Chris said...

Ann~ Thak you so much for sharing this. What a site to see. You took some amazing pictures.

connie said...

Wow! What a touching post, Ann. Thank you for posting this & for sharing these amazing pics!

cj said...

Ann -

Thank you so much for sharing. I will visit one day.