Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hubby and I went to a Halloween Party last weekend. I went as a Bohemian Hippie Gypsy! Best thing I could come up with. I borrowed it from a friend. I'm not much on dressing up and with glasses forget a mask.

Me and hubby. He's one of the Jokers henchmen!

Our host - The Joker

The Joker and his henchman! Why so serious?

Superman was there too!

He was ready for any problem that came up!

Thing One & Thing Two didn't cause him any problems. They didn't make a mess but they did win for silliest costume!

Raggedy Ann was there for some fun too!

The Dead Prom Queen and Loretta Lynn made an appearance. The Prom Queen won best costume!

The Dead Prom Queen is seen here with the Cereal Killer!

An Australian Cowboy, Gypsy, and Viking

There was apple bobbing and

Rock Band! Who wants to play guitar?

What Halloween party is complete without a black cat!

Pictures taken by The Camera Totin' Idiot! and our host, The Joker! Thanks!


yan said...

haha, You must be a happy and interesting family.

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connie said...

What fun~it looks & sounds like you all had a blast! Look @ you & hubby~sooo cute :)