Thursday, April 23, 2009

I'm home!

I made it to New Jersey and back. We got home Sunday evening. Then it was to bed and up again by 9am for work Monday morning! It's been a long week. But I made it to Friday.
Our new hotel was fabulous!

See that chair on the left side in the foreground? I sat there and ate my dinner last Thursday night.

This is almost my what my room looked like. I had a big couch and the bedspread was white. The pillows were the only bad thing about the place. Next time I'm taking my own!

The Abilities Expo was busy! We had a great show!

The show was held at the New Jersey Convention Center in Edison NJ.

Our tricycles were a hit! It's so wonderful see the children ride a tricycle and to see the parents reactions! Some thought they would never see their child ride! It's a wonderful feeling to help out these children.

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