Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Route 30 - The Lincoln Highway

Have you traveled the Lincoln Highway? You might have and didn't even know it! I didn't! That is until I watched a special on PBS about the highway. Here's a little teaser for the show:

The Lincoln Highway goes from New York City, NY to San Fransico, CA. It goes through 12 states along the way.

A little history from the Lincoln Highway Association:

"The idea of the Lincoln Highway came from the fertile mind of Carl Fisher, the man also responsible for the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Miami Beach. With help from fellow industrialists Frank Seiberling and Henry Joy, an improved, hard-surfaced road was envisioned that would stretch almost 3400 miles from coast to coast, New York to San Francisco, over the shortest practical route.

The Lincoln Highway Association was created in 1913 to promote the roadusing private and corporate donations. The idea was embraced by an enthusiastic public, and many other named roads across the country followed.

Americans' enthusiasm for good roads led to the involvement of the federal government in building roads and the creation of numbered U.S. routes in the 1920s. The Federal Highway Administration and the Interstate Highway System is the culmination of these efforts."

We aren't far from the highway in Pennyslvania and we have traveled the road many times on our way to Gettysburg PA.

So since one of our favorite things to do is to take road trips on the back roads of America we thought it would be a fun to see what we could find along the Lincoln Highway in Pennsylvania.

Here's a section of the highway in Pennyslvania which is straight for miles and miles. It's fun to see where you're going

and where you've been!

Along the highway you'll find some interesting barns painted up to commerate President Lincoln and the highway.

You'll also find gas pumps all painted up for fun.

This overlook offered a great view!

The overlook was the site of S. S. Grand View Point Hotel or "The Ship Hotel" as it was called because it looked like a ship.

People stopping here to eat at the hotel would have had a great view while they dined! The structure was lost to fire in 2001.

The Lincoln Motor Court, Manns Choice, PA.
This place looks like a fun place to stay for the night.

Today you've traveled with me along the section of the Lincoln Highway in and around Schellsburg, PA. I'm sure we'll be taking a road trip soon to see what interesting sights we can find along the Lincoln Highway!

I'll leave with this intersting video I found on YouTube. From the looks of the cars and clothes the video is set in the 70's.

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