Thursday, August 06, 2009

A summer full of books & movies, road trips and a few other things!

What have I been doing this summer?

Well I've been doing a lot of reading!

The Thirteenth Tale - Loved it!

The House at Riverton - Reading it now. Like it so far.

The Forgotten Garden - Loved it! Loved it!

Water for Elephants - Not sure if I liked it or not! Might have to read it again to figure that out.

Harry Potter - Reading now cause my daughter wants me to read the series!

I've been watching a lot of movies from Netflex! I love it!

Where Eagles Dare - Love it. an old family favorite!

The Lady Vanishes - Interesting Hitchcock movie. I liked it.

The Thin Man - I love Myrna Loy. This was very good. Going to watch the complete series! Eventually.

The Long Engagement - Foreign film with sub titles. Interesting. had to watch it twice to understand it. Interesting look at WW1.

New in Town - This was very good. Love Harry Connick Jr. very funny.

Knowing - I did not like this. It was creepy and strange.

Inkheart - This was very good. I like Brandon Fraser. There are 3 books to the series. I'd like to read them.

Very good. Very heartwarming WW2 movie.
Defiance -
Brainstorm - An old favorite I hadn't seen in years. Natalie Woods last movie.

Boom Town - Very good movie. I wasn't sure I would like it but I did. Spencer Tracy and Clark Gable were good.

I made my first batch of homemade chicken soup! It was good.

I broke the green bowl to my set of pyrex dishes. ;-(

We got a new vehicle!!!! Well it's new to us. Less miles, 2 years newwer and a better payment then are truck. Don't you just love the color? I do.

I got a new camera! I love it. Fits in my pocket or pocketbook for easy access espcially for the photos of Jackson.

Went to the Pittsburgh Steelers training camp with the Camera Totin Idiot!

Got to see Troy!!

and Big Ben! Fun fun!!

Daughter and I had a our own road trip when we went to my oldest and one of my dearest friends daughter's wedding! Ann, Racheal, Adam, and Randy!

Don't you just love the cake? The elephants on top are so cute. The bride collects elephants!

Also been driving the Lincoln Highway! It is so fun to take road trips with the hubby! Never know what we might see or where we might end up.

This little park was so cute.

The grass was so cool I just had to take by sandals off and walk in my barefeet!

Some sights from along the highway:

I'll have more on the Lincoln Highway next week.

We are leaving for Tenessee on Saturday to see the son and visit with my brother family. Oh and to see a concert - Cheap Trick!

See ya all soon!


connie said...

It looks like you had a fun, eventful summer! Congrats on your new vehicle~I love it~& congrats on the new camera. Your chicken soup looks delish!! Have fun visiting your son & have fun @ the concert. I LOVE Cheap Trick!

connie said...

I meant to say~~my all time fave hit of Cheap Trick is The Flame & I LOVE Don't be Cruel!