Friday, April 20, 2007

Finally Spring!

Finally seems like spring may be here to stay! It is to be a nice weekend. Here are a few pictures of the flowers in my neighbor's front yard. I've been watching them grow and wishing the sun would come out so I could take a picture of them and today it did! I'm off to work and I think I'll take my camera with me just in case some catches my eye on my walk there. Have a great Friday! Ann

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Maggie Ann said...

Good Morning Ann....I enjoyed the link to your workplace...what a wonderful business/kind of a ministry too! I'm going to pass this info along to my daughter who is a Pediatric RN and works with all kinds of kids. Probably lots of people don't know about these products? ~~About the ledger..must be the paper in those is thicker than regular paper. Wondor if we could create our own...say cardstock lined off and some of our own writing on it. Or maybe Staples or a store like that would have one. Oh, I'm curious now...grin. Here's a link for you to check out. Try the game 'Doodle'. Very fun!! I came across this site this morning after I got an email from DIY tv asking me to vote for them..they are nominated for the Theres some neat links up for awards...but I don't want to steer you wrong(I only checked out a few advertising ones and this game)...please make sure for yourself that its wholesome before recommending it to others.~~ Love those flower pictures! You make me feel like spring with this post and I'm still chilly most of the time, and have a headcold!