Monday, April 30, 2007

My favorite things from A-Z

Maggie Ann did her favorite things a little while back so I thought I would play along. Here it is:

A - Authors - Rosamunde Pilcher; Anne McCaffrey; Elizabeth Peters/Barbara Michaels; Maud Hart Lovelace; Gladys Tabor

B - Books - The Bible; Max Lucado books; The Shell Seekers; Coming Home; Betsy-Tacy books; Linnets & Valerians; Mrs. Mike

C - Coffee - I like coffee but I'm not a big drinker. I like French Vanilla Cappuccino

D - Dessert - Anything chocolate(cake, ice cream, candy); right now Strawberries (but get this, I don't like my strawberries dipped in chocolate - go figure?)

E - Elegant object you own - my two antique candy dishes from my Mom's home and my Dad's home.

F - Flowers - Pansies; Morning Glories; Sunflowers; Violets; daises

G - Guests for Tea - My daughter's Sara & Lori; My Sister Reta; My mother-in-law Marian; my friends Jeanette & Debbie; and oldest friend Ann! (Yes, we are we are both Ann and we have known each other since we were about 4 years old and we email each other everyday!)

H - Home - Where ever my family is. The place I love to be.

I - Inspirational Authors - Max Lucado

J - Jane Austin book - I've never read her books.

K - Kitchen Gadget - My Medium sized Pampered chef rectangle stone.

L - Laundry helps - My husband and my daugthers. Other then that I just throw them in add detergent and that's it!

M - Music - Josh Groban, 40's & 70's music(weird?), Praise & Worship; John Tesh, Martina McBride; Keith Urban; Brad Paisley; Alan Jackson; right now my favorite song is Downtown by Petula Clark.

N - Naptime - Sunday afternoons

O - Organizing Tips - if you haven't used it lately get rid of it but I never listen to my own advice.

P - Pride & Prejudice Character - Sorry don't know it either.

Q - Quote - God's faithfulness does not mean we will not face trouble. God's faithfulness means we will not face trouble alone.

R - Recipe - Go to a Pampered Chef party. You'll love their stuff and recipes.

S - Scent - Moonlight Path from Bath & Body

T - Tea - Decaf Sugar Sweetened Ice Tea

U - Underwater creature - Goldfish; Porpoise

V - Voyage you've taken - I flew to Anaheim CA for a business trip in April 95. My first flight and first time really on my own.

W - Water Feature - I love swimming pools. I'm not a beach person. I don't like sand.

Xtra-Special Treat - Reading a good book or getting time to Collage, which I love. (this is Maggie Ann's but it is my too so I borrowed it)

Y - Something about You - I work full time as an office manager for a company located in Scotland and I am their only US employee. I love British Comedies. I'm shy and timid and I've always been known in my family as Reta's little sister (but that is okay! I love my big sister) Paul & I said our vows again on our 25th wedding annivesary. We walked down the aisle together to the song "Remember When" by Alan Jackson. We wrote a letter to Alan thanking him for writing such a beautiful song and he wrote us back and sent an autographed picture of himself!

Z - Zoo Animal - Elephants & Prairie dogs I'm not sure if they would be considered a zoo animal but I saw a documentary on tv about them and they are the cutest things. More like a prairie beaver then a dog.

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Maggie Ann said...

Ann, that was so much fun to read...thank you for doing the meme =). Betsy Tacy books were good...and I have a copy of 'Mrs.Mike' that I've enjoyed. Did you ever read the Beverly Cleary childrens series, 'Ramona Quimby, Age 8..etc? I still read them once in a while.~~ How romantic that you & your husband respoke your weddings vows and that Alan J. sent you an autographed go girl! I am so impressed that you could 'do' a bike trip like you just must be in great shape. We have diabetes & heart disease on both sides of our family too, but so far we have done well. Praise God from whom all blessings flow! What is a Pampered Chef rectangle stone? I did go to a party and ordered a pastry sheet and cinnamon spice and a can drainer...which I really don't use I've found. A girl in our church sells P.C. She just won a trip to Ca. from them. Better run, I'm participating in some cello music that requires lots of extra practise...groans and smiles both from it! Have a nice day..I just know you will =)