Monday, April 16, 2007

What I'm listening too!

Lori & I are on a 70's kick. She is such a 70's child and she wasn't born until 1990. But she loves it and I love sharing it with her!

I love Josh Groban. Paul bought me this CD at a yard sale for $1. Great buy! His song You raise me up moves me so much. I life my arms to the Lord because that is what I hear in this song!

I just got this cassette collection and haven't listened to the whole thing yet. It moves me to hear what went on during the war years.

I borrowed this cd from a friend and put it on my computer at work. I would love to have the cd to listen to at home. There is not a bad song on this cd. My favorite songs are I can Only Imagine, God of Wonders, & My Praise Goes on. Just beautiful!

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Maggie Ann said...

You've posted alot here that I missed i'll just play catch up. Thats interesting..the world war II album. My Dad was on an aircraft carrier in that war...I like Josh G. too. What a wonderful voice!