Monday, August 25, 2008

Guess who's 18! today! Lori!

Lori is 18 today! Happy Birthday Lori

She had a litte party on Friday night. Here she is with her friends Jessica & Laurie!

She wanted a Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake. It was yummy!

Here's my post from last year! enjoy!

Today is my "baby's" 17th Birthday! Happy Birthday Lori.

She was born at 11:03 AM on Saturday, August 25, 1990. So today is the actual day of the week she was born on! I wonder how many times that happens in your lifetime. That you celebrate your birthday on the actual day your were born? How fun. It only took 2 hours for Lori to enter this world. She came out running and hasn't stopped yet! I'm exhausted! We arrived at the hospital at 9 am and she made her appearance at 11:03 AM. Quick! Paul & the doctor had to run down the hall getting their delivery room clothes on. I didn't have the pleasure of observing this as I was concentrating on something else! but it sounds hilarious the way Paul describes it.

Happy Birthday Lori! We love you! She'll start her senior year of high school this coming Monday. She's then thinking of being a missionary or a nurse. I'll keep you posted on that!

To celebrate her birthday she had a sleep over with two of her best buddies, Jessica & Laurie! They've had lots of fun and I think they were up most of the night laughing and goofing!

Laurie, Lori, & Jessica

Having Fun!

A proud and happy momma and her three lovely children!

A daddy for the third time. Third time's the charm honey!

Ice Cream and Mug Root beer!

Lori & her brother John! Just goofing!

Lori & her sister Sara! Best of friends!

Christmas time. We had just opened our Christmas Crackers.

Lori wearing her brother's Johnny Johnny Hat & her TN Lady Vols National Champs shirt!

1 year old!

Look at me!

Just hanging around!



Laurie & Chris said...

Happy Birthday Lori! We hope you had a great day!

Tracy said...

Wish Lori a Happy Birthday from me! She looks alot like you, Ann! :)

Maggie Ann said...

Happy Birthday to your girl! What precious pictures...I've enjoyed seeing each one of them.

connie said...

Happy B-Day to Lori (a little late!)~hope she had a blessed day & enjoyed her day :)

Those are precious pics that you posted. ♥ the one of you w/your babies~you all look so happy :)