Monday, August 11, 2008

Some old movie clips for your enjoyment!

August is Summer Under the Stars on Turner Classic Movies. I love this time of year. I like seeing a day's worth of movies of a favorite star. Last week I watched several movies with Marie Dressler. She is an actress from the 1930's. I had never heard of her before. I'm glad I found her. She is a great actress.

Here are a few clips:

Dinner at Eight with Marie Dressler with Jean Harlow

The Hollywood Revue of 1929 - "For I'm the Queen"

Her facial expressions on wonderful and so funny!

Dinner at Eight trailer:

Her biography can be found at the Internet Movie Database.

From IMB:
"In an era of Harlow, Garbo and Crawford, it was homely old Marie Dressler that won the coveted exhibitor's poll as the most popular actress for three consecutive years. In another film from the same year, Min and Bill (1930) she received a best actress Oscar for her dramatic performance. She received another Academy Award nomination for Emma (1932). She had more success with Dinner at Eight (1933) and Tugboat Annie (1933). In 1934, cancer claimed her life."

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Suzy said...

I enjoyed all the clips!!
I used to love watching all the old movies as a kid,especially
"Ziegfield's Follies" with the elaborate dance costumes.