Sunday, August 24, 2008

Here I am!

August has been a busy month! So I've taken a little time off from blogging. I've got lots of things to share and I'll be back this week!

So what's been going on?

Three of my bosses arrived here on August 15th! Graeme, Ian, & Sylvia. That means a busy busy time at work! Graeme left on the 22nd of August! He was here just a week but we had a busy week. He built trikes up and I tore them down and packed them! Busy busy! I think we sent out 25 trikes last week! That's GREAT! Ian & Sylvia will be here until the 3rd of September! They are just here for their holiday (or vacation to us Americans) so they won't be in the office much. They are the "owners" and are pretty much retired from the business but they are the "big bosses" and are the ones who hired me! So I've go to be on my toes while they are here! It's been nice seeing them. They haven't been here since 2003.

I've been sick!
Of course Graeme shows up with all this work to do and I get a cold! UGH! I made it though. With the help of pain reliever and Kleenex lotion tissues and lots of hot tea.

We have had Olympic fever here at our house! Did anyone else watch?

Lori and I watched every Michael Phelps race! Isn't he great! I loved Mark Spitz back in 1972 and had this poster on the back of my bed room door.

What can I say? I was 11! I showed the poster to Lori and she just rolled her eyes and said "yuck". I think I still have the poster in my attic. I'll have to get one of Michael Pheleps to go with it.

He's from Baltimore MD! So he's a local boy to us. His parents graduated from a high school in our county!

Watched the gymnastics too!

Anyone think these Chinese girls are 16? It was still fun to watch. I've been watching Olympic gymnastics since Olga in Munich in 1972. Remember this?

We also watched every match of the beach volleyball!

Gold medals for Misty & Carrie!

Lori turns 18 tomorrow, August 25th! She had some friends over on Friday to help celebrate.

She starts collage tomorrow! She's attending our local community collage. Good Luck Lori! What fun to start your very first day of collage on your birthday!

Jackson came by on Friday to wish Aunt Lori a Happy Birthday. I'm glad I was feeling better.

I have plenty of Bloomin' Tuesday and Wordless Wednesday photos to share so please check by this week! I promise I'll be here!

What's happening this week???

Sara, Aaron, and Jackson are moving to a nicer apartment and John will be here for Labor day Weekend. Hurrah!!!! I will have plenty to blog about!

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Suzy said...

Glad you're back Ann, I've missed you...