Thursday, November 29, 2007

Meet Craig and Andy!

While my company was exhibiting at the trade show in DC we met a very nice couple exhibiting in the booth next to ours, Craig & Andrea. Craig is wheelchair bound after a skiing accident and Andy is his wife. They live in Colorado. They have written two books on traveling with a disability. I was impressed with them both. As I watched them at their booth talking with other disabled men and women I was very impressed with their attitude on life. Craig is a motivational speaker and sometime I'd love to hear his talk. I'm sure it would be inspiring for anyone disabled or able bodied. You can find out more about Craig & Andy, their upcoming schedule, and their travel books at their websites. Their company is Access Anything and their blog is located here. They have several websites and you can find the links to these sites on their blog.

Craig made the cover of Sports and Spokes March 2007 magazine. Inside there is an article about skiing in Colordo written by Andy. Craig said "You can't see it but I have the biggest smile on my face in the photo."

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