Saturday, March 01, 2008

Happy Birthday Reta!

Today is my sister's birthday! Happy Birthday Reta!
We love you very much!
She's is the best sister a girl can have. She's always been there for me and our brother, Tom. She is a terrific aunt to her nieces and nephews. They are her pride and joy. She is also a special someone to Fred and his daughter Christina. She has many friends and loved ones.

Here are a few pictures of Reta.

Me and my big sis - Christmas 2007

Me and Reta on my first birthday - 1960

Reta, Mom, & me - Christmas 1966

Reta and Fred - Christmas 2007

Reta, Tom, & me - Summer 2006

Reta - age 8

Me & Reta - 2004

Me and Reta - 1960

Her nieces and nephews - They'll all much bigger now!

The following lyrics are from a song by Blackmore's night. I love the song. It makes me think of my childhood, family, and friends. It makes me think of my sister and the fun we had when we were kids. Of summers spent swinging outside and riding our bikes.

Reta has always been my best friend.

Once In A Garden

Once In A Garden
Where dreams could be found
Once children’s laughter
Was the only sound
The butterflies kissed our hair
Once in a Garden
I still see us right there

Once on a hilltop
Beneath the old tree
Swings made of tires
Made us feel so free
No one had worries, troubles were few
Once in a Garden
Where innocence rang pure and true

Hours of make believe
Playing in the sun
Dreaming with wonder
What would we become
My best friend
Holding my hand
We’d run by the sea
Through castles of sand

Once in a forest
Just like Robin Hood
Flowers were our play mates
We only saw good
In everything, be it right or wrong
Once in a Garden – I still can hear our song

Here's one of mine and Reta's favorite songs:

She has lifted me up in more ways then she knows.

I love you sweetie!


Anonymous said...


Love you too.Thanks I loved it.

Anonymous said...

What a nice tribute to your sister. You are very blessed to have a sister. I always wanted a sister and feel like I have really missed out on something special especially when I read posts like this!

Is Reta her given name?

Happy Birthday Reta!

Robin in New Jersey