Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Another Business Trip

Well, it is March and time for another business trip. This time we are going to Edison, New Jersey to the Abilities Expo.

This will be our hotel, Sheraton Edison Hotel Raritan Center! It's a very nice place. We've stayed here in the past when we attended this show.

The show is being held at the New Jersey Convention Center. This show will be much bigger then the previous show we went to in November. I hope it is much busier!

I'll be back Sunday night - LATE! Not sure when I'll get to post again. I hope everyone has a great week and I hope your finally enjoying some spring weather.


Connie said...

Hope you have a fun, safe trip :)

Anonymous said...

I'll be at that center in May for a homeschooling convention!

Hope you have a great weekend.


Donna said...

My daughter has to go to several trade shows each year. I thought it sounded exciting, but she informed me that she sees very little other than her hotel room and the actual trade show. Sightseeing time is rare.