Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bloomin' Tuesday

Time to get back to some regular post so I thought I would start with Bloomin' Tuesday. I haven't participated for awhile but I still remember to take photos of any lovely flowers I see. These were seen over our summer travels here and there.

These were right here at home in my neighbor Helen's front yard. They only lasted a day or two so I'm glad I took these when I did.

Took this photo in my cousin Mitzi's backyard. She has a beautiful flower garden.

The next three photos were taken along Route 30 the Lincoln Highway.

Any ideas what these are? I'm not standing on my head either. LOL

I loved the way the light was shining and showing the color on this pine tree! Is is a blue spruce by any chance?

The next three photos were taken in a little town in Tennessee. I have no idea of the name and the hubby isn't here to ask. So I'll get back to you!

I liked how they turned the flowers pots upside down to add height!

I do know this house was on the main street of a little tourist town. It was the only "private residence" on the street and was marked as such.

Be sure to visit the Jean, Laurie & Chris and the other Bloomin' Tuesday participates here! You will see some pretty flowers!


Jean said...

Ann. Welcome back! I love the brick behind the plants in your pictures. Great photos! I believe the orange ones are tiger lilies and the pine does look like a blue spruce. No idea what the yellow flowers are but would like to. Jean

Laurie and Chris said...

Wonderful pictures Ann!! I have missed you I hope you had a great summer.

Nell Jean said...

I'm so sorry for the loss of your family's beloved Bill. What a sweet memorial you posted for him.

The photos for Tuesday are beautiful. The first TN pic with the flower pot plinths also has an interesting plant stant up on the porch and the window displays are lovely.