Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I saw my first Robin!

Yesterday evening around 7 pm Lori & I saw our first Robin of the year. He was sitting on the electrical lines in the alley behind our house and he was singing a song for all those you wanted to listen. Our neighborhood is filled with kids and cars and dogs and they always seem to be making some kind of noise but as Lori and I were listening to the Robin sing there wasn't any noise. No cars, no kids, no dogs barking. I felt for a few minutes like we were living in the country. It was beautiful! God is GOOD!


Debbie V. said...

Happy Silver Anniversary and Happy 1st Robin of the year.
Time to celebrate :)
Debbie V. (from GladysFriends also)

Maggie Ann said...

That really means spring is close to see a robin..and a singing one at that! Smiling as I think of your moment of joy...listening to that solo. A few times I heard a mockingbird and thought heaven had come to visit!

Maggie Ann said...

I have the movie of 'To Kill A Mockingbird'...an old black & white. (from Good Will would you believe) I LOVE it!! I read the book too which is quite deep compared to the simplicity of the movie. It stars Gregory Peck...need I say more? He is the best actor and good looking too...reminds me of my Dad somewhat. I love that he usually plays a wholesome character, but then I'm not a big movie watcher...but I have my favorites...grin. My friend recently loaned me her movie of that. I'd heard the name of it but never watched or read it. Can you imagine....what I missed. Reading it with your daughter is so special. A memory by association...for years to come.

Maggie Ann said...

Boo was awesome! I loved the way he took care of the kids..saving thier lives at the end of the movie. I think what I liked best was the loving parent stuff. Like when their Dad tucked them into bed at night. Affectionate. My parents never did that. I imagine you have a collection of Cary Grant movies. I also like Doris Day, but have found her story lines aren't always morally what I'd enjoy. Well, hey, what about the Rifleman? grin. Hubby and I are enjoying this tv rerun immensley. Mark is sooo cute! Better go start supper..