Monday, March 05, 2007

The rooms for the quiz from Companion Magazine 1946!

Here are the 5 rooms to choose from:

Room 1: Three boys & a dog
Room 2: country weekends

Room 3: Collector's room
Room 4: Big City Skyline
Room 5: Modern setting


Maggie Ann said...

I'm going to guess that the plaid dress would be most at home in the Country weekends room. Casual....though I like the Collectors room alot..=). Did I just need to pick 1 room and 1 outfit?~~~ How nice you are scrapbooking...don't you just love to get lost in the 'art' aspect of glue and colors...=)

Maggie Ann said...

Ok, I redid it and am looking forward to seeing my score..=). I thought maybe I was clueless as to how it worked.....=), thanks for clueing me in.

Anonymous said...

I am still clueless but I sure like some of those dresses and some of those rooms- huggles me

glad I found your blog :-)

Marilyn Christine