Monday, March 05, 2007

The dresses for the quiz from Companion Magazine 1946!

Here are the 5 dresses to choose from:

Dress 1: This checked wool is a short dinner dress when you wear gold jewelry, a sports dress when you pull it over a long sleeved sweater. About $35. Dress by Joset Walker in Milliken fabric.

Dress 2: Wear this long velveteen at home any time from cocktails on, walk easily in flat sandals. Dress about $60; scarf about $16.75 - or wear your own. Dress by Adele Simpson in Jilliard fabric.

Dress 3: A Royal Stewart plaind is casual and highly decorative. Buttoned all the way down the front, it's as easy to slip on as dressing gown. About $35. Dress by Joset Walker in Newmnan fabric.

Dress 4: It's the season because of hte closely molded bodice; it's a portrait dress because of the huge sleeves, the off the shoulder neckline. About $35. Dress by Ceil Chapman in Duplan crepe.

Dress 5: a simple faille suite with gold buttons covers a shoulderless pale blue halter, lovely over a dinner table. Suite about $40, halter about $5. Suit by Celi Chapman in Stonecutter tissue frille.


Maggie Ann said...

Ann, I am definitely the Stewart plaid!

Wilma said...

Room 1 ...dress 3
2 ... 1
3.... 5
4.... 2
5.... 4