Thursday, March 08, 2007

The Answers!

Here are the answers to the quiz below!

Room 1 - Dress 1
Room 2 - Dress 3
Room 3 - Dress 4
Room 4 - Dress 2
Room 5 - Dress 5

Dress 1. Three boys & a dog. If you're surrounded by a lively family, here's your dressed-up daytime-to-evening dress. Formal as you like, it's still made in good tough wool that won't straightway show the print of a grubby finger or a muddy paw.

Dress 2. City Skyline. If you have an apartment in the city, you've probably long since discovered that a long-skirted dress is the prettiest most comfortable thing you can wear at home of an evening. Curl up on the sofa and tuck away your feet!

Dress 3. Country weekend. After you've run around in ski pants or slacks all day maybe you'd like to change for dinner into this bright warm plaid. It's a good dress to wear to a neighborhood party too.

Dress 4. Collector's room. If you're a collector at heart and have a room full of lovely things you've brought from here and there, you'll find that the portrait quality of this dress fits completely into your setting.

Dress 5. Modern setting. Modern living often goes at a stepped-up pace. Maybe you rush from the office to meet guests you've asked to your house, maybe you have cocktails at home and go out to dinner. So here's a quick-change costume.

Hope everyone enjoyed going back to the 40's. I sure did! Ann

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Maggie Ann said...

Ann, I did terrible! I only got dress #2 right, matching it with the Big City skyline. How did you do? Wait, you had the answers so I guess you did well ;). That was fun, I even changed some of my first answers around as I re-evaluated things. Lot of good it did me! Thanks for the sweet comment you left me over at my blog. I enjoy our blogging friendship! (and finally got you in my sidebar...hurray!)