Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Pampered Chef medium bar pan

Maggie Ann asked about my medium bar pan from Pampered Chef. Here is a picture of the pan from the Pampered Chef website. I love mine. I use it just about everyday to bake anything from cookies to bacon. The mini spatula is great too! Just big enough to fit where you want it too! My pan doesn't look so clean and pretty because I've used it so much. It is very "seasoned" which is good. The more seasoned the better. Nothing sticks to the pan now. I don't even have to grease the pan. That's my kind of cooking!


Maggie Ann said...

Wow, your pan not only looks attractive compared to my bar pans but ...the 'nothing sticks' sounds wonderful. Next time I'm invited to a party this is what I'll order...and maybe the mini spatula too. Thanks Ann, for telling me about this. We are going to be away for a couple of days...my music was going well I thought, untill the director kept speeding up the tempo, now I feel like I'm scrambling to keep up and am very tempted to drop out. Its become like a full time job...practise & more practise. I miss myself! Sorry to hear you had a bad day at work, I'm thankful thats behind you now. About being blogging friends, which is so nice!!, I think we really talk to each other instead of leaving comments that say, 'nice post' or some other 2 word comment. Hope no one gets mad at me for saying this but I like to 'talk' and be real, because this is who I am. And I love it when you 'talk' to me in the comments too. Well, dh is going to be really putting the pressure on me to pack...'talk' to you in a few days. =)

Anonymous said...

I had no idea they now had a medium bar pan out! I'm addicted to my PC stoneware. It's the best stuff!