Sunday, May 20, 2007

Thinking of Childhood

I've been working on a journal and searching for images to use and came across these old advertisments in an old newspaper. What fun to see pictures of things from our childhood.

I always wanted one of the these bikes with the banana seat & big handlbars but unfortnately I was never to have one. Instead, I always rode my sister's purple Schwinn bike. Thanks Sis for lending it! I had a lot of fun on the bike. I don't think I have one picture of myself on it. We lived in a small town and our house was right next door to the school and on a dead end road. So in the summer time I had the whole school yard for a play ground. What fun I had riding my bike and mom didn't have to worry about me and cars. Being a dead end road there were only cars for the few families that lived there. I never really appreciated all the wide open spaces until I had kids of my own and lived in a larger town where we live now and had to worry about them riding their bikes on the sidewalk and the street!

I did have one of these when I was little. It as fun! I don't rememember too much about it because I was pretty small at the time but I do remember when we gave it to another child. I was sad to see a part of my childhood be over.


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Maggie Ann said...

I remember the banana seat bikes! We weren't allowed to ride parents were ultra strict and thus we missed out on childhoods pleasure outdoors. I had a big paper doll collection Yes, those rocking horses on springs were nice...some are still around. Your post is nice Ann, old memories are pleasant.