Saturday, September 01, 2007

1st Day of September!

Today was a beautiful start to a nice three day weekend! A Happy Labor Day to everyone.

We worked in the backyard this morning. Triming, mowing the grass, and trying to get control of the morning glory and sunflowers!

Here are some lovely sunflowers! they made a quick and pretty flower arrangement.

Here is our patio from the back gate. See the morning glory? It just takes over! Everything! I think if we sat still long enough it would grow around us. But it is so pretty I hate to complain! Blessings to all. Have a safe and happy weekend.


Maggie Ann said...

Happy Labor Day to you too Ann! Your Morning Glory is ....well, wow! Aren't they glorious though...whoever named them did it well.

Tracy said...

Ann, we worked in the yard this morning. The weather was wonderful with overcast skies and a comfortable temperature. I love morning glories - they are one of my favorite flowers! Happy Labor Day to you and yours!

Maggie Ann said...

Hi Ann, The part about 'headers' that I don't understand is how do you get it on your blog? Is it easy with the new template? I'm clueless and afraid of messing up my blog. I've been knitting this afternoon but did have fun making a collage this morning...where has this day