Thursday, September 13, 2007

My Senior Pictures

Donna at A Quiet Life has been talking about Senior pictures lately and she has taken some lovely Senior pictures for some friends. Today she put up her Senior photo and I thought I'd do the same. Espeically since I've been showing Lori and her pictures lately. It seemed fair. I have two poses plus the drape.

Flintstone High School
Class of 1977

This was the photo in my yearbook. I liked it better then the drape one. I was just 16 years old in these photos. Since I have a late December birthday the photos were taken during the summer of 1976 and I didn't turn 17 until later that year in December.

My sister picked this pose because it showed my long hair. I cut my hair and had a perm right after this. Big mistake! I have since grown it long and cut it several times over the last 30 years. I tried a perm one more time in 1991. NEVER AGAIN! Me and body and curls just don't get along!

This is me today. A little heavier after three babies! This was taken during our 25th wedding anniversary.


Donna Boucher said...

You are still wearing black lace :o)
Such a sweet looking girl...with such long hair.

I think you look great.
We are almost the same age...and I think you are very young looking!

Thanks for playing along :o)

Maggie Ann said...

You look so sweet...I'd love to have known you then, but am glad to 'know' you now. Your long hair was beautiful....and I know just what you mean about perms! That last picture of you is wonderful and you are brave to post online...I sure enjoy seeing all of your pictures =)

Barbara H. @ Stray Thoughts said...

I saw Dawn's sr. portrait and the link back to Donna's post -- I thought this looked like fun and wanted to join in! I enjoyed seeing your photos. I love the lace on the drape.