Thursday, September 06, 2007

How my Blog got it's name!

I've been doing this blog for 1 1/2 years now. This post is number 227 and I know or at least I hope I have a few readers and some of you may never have read my very first post. My first post explained how my blog got it's name. So I thought I would post the reason again. Just for you readers.

"I chose the name "A Mother's Minute" because that is what my son named them. When he was little and would call for me, I would tell him "I'll be there in a minute." Well one day when he was older he asked "Is that a Mother's minute?". My minutes where usually 10 minutes or more. So it has been a joke around our house since then."

When I started this blog on February 2, 2006, I thought this is my minute to talk, chat, or inform someone somewhere about something so that's how "A Mother's Minute" got it's name. Thanks John!

Here he is:

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happybunny said...

What an apt comment John - You have said what I expect all children must think - Us mums have minutes that are so different from the usual 60 seconds - thats what makes us so special. Well done John - a brilliant name for your mums blog...