Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Swing!

I found this poem by Robert Louis Stevenson in a book I've been using for my art and I fell it love with it. I loved to swing when I was a child and this poem so sums up the feelings of childhood. My dad had made a swing set in our backyard and I'm sure many night that is where my mother would find me. I remember the cool breeze on my face and the wonderful sensation swinging would bring to my tummy. Oh to be young again!

Here is a picture of me in 1963 in our backyard swinging! That's my Mom & Dad in the background. I have no idea who would have taken this picture. Maybe my sister.


Tracy said...

What a cute picture! You look like you're fully enjoying swinging. :)

Donna Boucher said...

That is just the most fantastic picture!
You are so lucky to have it!!!
Look how happy you are!
And is your mom working in her plaid skirt?

What a treasure!

Robin said...

That is my favorite poem. I had to memorize it in 4th grade and recite it to the class. When ever we go to the park, my kids get a kick out of me swinging on the swings. Your photo makes me want to get a photo of me swinging as an adult and then making a scrapbook page with that poem!

Maggie Ann said...

Ann, how precious! The picture of you swinging looks like you are having a joyous time. Weren't those swings the best...with the long chains/ropes? Beth & I have made contact and are going to exchange 3 ATC's. Now to make them...grin. I'm off to see your art blog now. Have a nice day!