Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Honoring those who Served on D Day June 6, 1944

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Maggie Ann said...

Hi Ann, thanks for the kind words about my collage....I'm glad you liked it. I know you'd love the Tim Holtz stamp pads...they are sooooo nice. I think the first one I bought was the 'tea stain' one. You can take a wedged make-up sponge..dampen it just slightly..or not. And, go scraping it around the edges of clip art or scanned photos and it will instantly look old. Lightly dab some on a few places around the photo too. Hey, I've just given you a 'tutorial'..how about that..grin. I'm glad you've found my 'wool' posts interesting...I may have lost some blogger friends temporarily by boring them with these wool posts, but just now...I'm up to my knees in wool...for real, and enjoying the process while learning alot. Better run, hope your scrapbooking was fun. I'd love to get back into that too. Ahh, so much to play with, so little time. Am I happy or what?....smile.