Saturday, June 30, 2007

Oh what a BEAUTIFUL Saturday!

My Morning Glories have bloomed. Aren't they beautiful? I love them.

But you can see how they take over everything. It is quite a challange to keep the vines out of my flowers. So I just try to keep them for strangling anything and other then that let them grow where they want.

My chair on my deck is calling me to come and set on this beautiful Saturday. but it will have to wait a little bit. I've got some house work that needs down. Then I'm going to work on some art or scapbook pages and read my book.

I'm reading The Shell Seekers by Rosamunde Pilcher. It is a wonderful book. I've read it numerous times but it never fails to fill me with joy and transport me to Cornwall and England.


Laurie & Chris said...

Your flowers look very nice. I have never planted morning glories. They look so pretty.

Maggie Ann said...

Hi Ann...I love morning glories too...they have just the right name..because their colors are truly glorious. I enjoyed your pictures as always and thanks for your kind comments about my I was up waaaay too late the night/morning I did that one and wasn't completely happy with it. I've been busy this week...extra cleaning and I finally finished washing up the rest of the wool. What a job! That fleece was filthy. I'd better get ready for bed. Tomorrow is church and our 40th wedding anniversary! Out to lunch we go..praising God for the blessings of marriage.

Tracy said...

I love Morning Glories, too! I hope to read more of The Shell Seekers today. It's a wonderful book! :)

happybunny said...

I havent read Rosamunde Pilcher for a few years now but have always enjoyed her books. When I get a chance I am going to sort through my books and dig them out and re-read them as they would be a very comforting Autumn read at the moment.