Thursday, October 11, 2007

My Beautiful Plates!

Aren't these plates beautiful? I love them so much I just had to share them. In the 70's I was a girl scout and one year for a fund raiser we sold these plates. My Mother bought the Lord's Prayer and Jesus standing at the door.

Then when I married Paul, my mother in law gave me this matching plate with The Last Supper.

And again in August I had a great find in the antique store! I found these two matching plates for $2 each. They are both a house blessing. All the plates hang in my kitchen over my sink. I see them everyday as I do my dishes and work in the kitchen. They remind me daily of our Lord and His blessings!

I have no idea if these plates all belong in the same set. There are only markings on two of the plates. The markings are "Made in Japan" and "For Decorative Use Only". I wonder if back all those years ago when my girl scout troop sold these plates if we sold all of these and if there were more designs. Anyone ever seen these before?


Maggie Ann said...

These are beautiful! They certainly look like a matched set...I love the gold swirly edging on them and the messages. How special, I've enjoyed seeing them Ann. I am so tired tonight from a big day of dye-ing wool roving for the first time. An educational time for sure =)

Dana said...

oh the plates are very beautiful! happy ww

jo said...

I have one of those about "mother", but I think it was from the 50's. Looks like its same plate except for the words !

Tracy said...

Ann, I have a plate just like the one in the second picture! :)

lv2scpbk said...

I've see these before somewhere. Didn't AVON use to sell these years ago?