Saturday, October 06, 2007

My Pyrex Bowls

When Paul and I first got married and set up housekeeping in 1980 my mother-in-law gave me these three pyrex bowls to use in my kitchen. I have loved them ever since and have used them for everything from making birthday cakes, pancakes, beating eggs. Everything!!

When we were visitng John in Tennessee this past August I found this yellow bowl at an antique store in Kadiz, KY for $25. It goes with the the set. I was so tickled. I put it in layway at the store and John just brought it to me on his recent visit.

Here is the complete set. Looks pretty good! I can't wait to use the yellow bowl for baking cookies and such. Being a bigger bowl then the large green one it should offer a little more room for mixing!

Here is my set before. Looks kind of sad without the yellow bowl now!

This is a picture of the "another" set of three pyrex bowls you can buy. They're okay but................

I think I'll keep my more "colorful" set! I like it.

I found a set of these four bowls at another antique store in Kadiz, KY. The price was $50. There are several sets on ebay too. Going price anywhere from $36 up. From some research I've done on the internet it seems these bowls are vintage 1940's. They are a great part of anyone's kitchen and the sentimental value I have for them makes mine PRICELESS!

I'll think I'll keep them for at least another 20 some years! LOL!!!!


Maggie Ann said...

Ann, what a great find...your bowls are beautiful and cheerful! I love colors like that. They make kitchen work seem happy. I have a set of red plastic ones I use all the time but yours are much nicer...=). And even nicer that they have sentimental value.

I was glad to read in your comment that you have prayed the sinner's prayer...Me too! We are sisters in Christ....=). All glory to God for changing my sinful heart! Its a blessing to have met you =)...I enjoy visiting back and forth with you, and its nice we have 'art' interest in common. By the way, no ATC's yet from B. Maybe Monday. I need to make a few for you to see if you'd like to swap with me. I especially love your ATC of Mommy making a cake...=)

I've had a good day, I got a few windows washed...some cleaning done, and even took time to spin for 1 hour and about 20 min. or so knitting on my two projects. One is my sweater...the lady in Canada sent the yarn I ordered from her (ebay) Sept.4th and it isn't here yet. She tells my daughter & I she really mailed it...keept looking for it. My other project is 'fingerless' gloves....I love the picture and hope I will like wearing them.

Hope you have a beautiful Lord's Day tomorrow, we had such a wonderful week of revival meetings!...& the weather is so pretty.

sparrow's song said...

This a great colorful set of bowls. I have only 2 of the set from my bridal shower in '85. You definitely lucked out finding the sweet yellow bowl. Every kitchen worth its salt has got to have a descent set of mixing bowls and they can't be just anything. I totally agree about the 3 pyrex bowls. They'll do in a pinch but...

Great to meet you.

Jenileigh said...

I don't have bowls of this kind and I sooo want a set, I search yard sales and consignment shops ruthlessly for them, my mil has some! Congrats on completing your set!

happybunny said...

What a wonderful find - completes the set so well