Friday, October 05, 2007

What I've been watching from Netflex!

We've been watching two favorite tv shows the week. Wings & Lovejoy! Both are hilarisly funny. Lovejoy is a British comedy and I love British tv. Wings aired in the 90's.

Return to Nantucket Island for a fourth hilarious season of the high-flying hit comedy. Brian (Steven Weber) sinks Lowell's (Thomas Haden Church) boat, Joe (Timothy Daly) gets an elderly video clerk fired, Antonio (Tony Shalhoub) is stalked by a robber, and the gang performs "Phantom of the Oprah," all part of an average day's events at the single-plane Sandpiper Air.

Lovejoy (Ian McShane) is an antique dealer whose power as a "divvie" allows him to know intuitively just the right pieces to acquire. Curiously, nearly every object he buys seems to have some sort of intrigue attached to it -- betrayal, thievery or murder -- and Lovejoy spends much of his time solving the mysteries of his wares. Based on the novels by Jonathan Gash, the hit BBC show co-stars Chris Jury, Dudley Sutton and Phyllis Logan.

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happybunny said...

So pleased you enjoy Lovejoy - I have always found it really entertaining. I remember years ago Ian Mcshane appeared in Dallas - the American drama with JR - and then after that the actress who played Sue Ellen appeared in Lovejoy (sorry I cant remember her name Lynda I think ) so obviously a friendship was built on these programmes.